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College of Business and Management

  • The business section of Overseas Chinese University (OCU) was founded in 1964. Experiencing times of evolutions, the section was officially renamed College of Business and Management in 2012. The OCU College of Business & Management is one of the oldest business colleges in central Taiwan, and has had more than 20000 alumni since foundation.
  • The core missions of the College of Business & Management are to cultivate students qualified with 3E abilities (Expertise, Ethics, and Employability). The college emphasizes the integration of theory and practice to enhance students’ professions and to pave opportunities for students’ career. For these purposes, the college has sincerity of providing educational opportunities for intellectual and emotional growth in a broad range of disciplines and professional fields. To strength the effects of professional education, the college strives to integrate each department creating stimulating practical environments where students can learn and validate practical skills and knowledge in computer labs, meeting rooms, and seminar rooms. These designs are expectedly to help students to develop their interests, skills and talents to the fullest extent.
  • At present the College of Business and Management offers 7 bachelor degree programs and 3 master programs. These programs are dedicated to be excellent in teaching, researching and community services. The undergraduate programs include Department of Finance, Department of Banking and Risk Management, Department of Accounting and Information, Department of Business Administration, Department of Marketing & Supply-Chain Management, Department of International Trade & Logistics, and Department of Financial and Economic Law. The graduate programs offer concentrations in Business Administration, Finance and International Trade & Logistics. In addition, the college has a Financial Education and Research Center that aims to provide academic services to faculty and students.

★For more information, please visit respective websites for each program

In 2012 enrollment across the various programs is around 4400 students. The college of Business and Management has 106 full-time faculty members, of which 107 at least are assistant professors. Furthermore, the college hires around 40 practical part-time lecturers with ample working experience. The college has developed a solid reputation among companies to in banking, securities, and other business areas, which hire most of graduates of college.

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